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Attorney, Legal Analyst & Law Professor:

“It’s Giving Cardi B meets Judge Judy & Whitley Gilbert”

Attorney Symone Redwine: A powerful trial attorney and law ​professor with beauty, brains and a bold Southern attitude. The ​Ivy League graduate is in a league of her own as both a ​comedian and legal analyst. When she’s not bankrupting ​multimillion-dollar corporations, you can find her providing ​legal and pop culture commentary on programs like TMZ, ABC ​News, FOX, the nationally syndicated radio show Dede in the ​Morning and on her YouTube channel, “Girl, Is That Legal?” As a ​legal analyst, Professor Redwine is often called upon to give ​legal and social commentary on issues ranging from celebrity ​legal drama and crime to relationship matters. To wit, her clever ​explanation of how insurance forced the rapid Cassie vs. Diddy ​settlement quickly went viral with over 100 million views. Her ​info-tainment commentary continues to grow her loyal ​following, reflecting her ability to relate to and captivate ​diverse audiences.




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Symone is no stranger to the entertainment industry. She has been featured in several national commercials, and most recently, casted on OWN's hit reality show

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Community first

Symone’s passion for educating others led her to create “Law Practice 2,” a course teaching law students the practical aspects of running a successful law firm right after graduation. Her dedication to her clients and her community shines through her work, making her a legal force to be reckoned with.

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